Services will Resume


  • Doors will be propped open and/or manned for entrance/exit.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided at the back of church.
  • We will be greeting with smiles; handshakes are discouraged.
  • Wearing a mask is recommended when you enter and leave; we encourage you to remove your mask once seated in order to fully participate.
  • We aim to love thy neighbor by being 6 feet apart as much as possible.
  • Pews are set up to encourage the distance.
  • For the offering we have a box located in the back of church.
  • Members will be ushered out a pew at a time, to aid in distancing being kept.
  • Fellowship will be postponed at this time.
  • We ask for volunteers to stay and sanitize where they sat; along with helping a neighbor who was not able to stay.  Then a couple people to sanitize the restrooms.
  • For future weeks, if you are not feeling well, please stay at home.  You can visit our website to view the recording.