growth opportunities



  • Sunday School

    Trinity provides spiritual growth through Biblical lessons for students beginning in pre-school and continuing through eighth grade. It is offered every Sunday from the first Sunday after Labor Day until the Sunday before Memorial Day. Every class begins at 8:45 am. Look on the events page for any special events such as Vacation Bible School, Christmas/Easter for Kids.

  • Bible class

    When Sunday School begins in September, Trinity also offers Bible study for the adults and teens who desire to attend. Occasionally other Bible Classes are offered: at Vacation Bible School, Marriage Enrichment, or online courses through Look at the events page to see if a special Bible class is starting soon.

  • Catechism class

    Catechism instruction is offered to all seventh and eighth graders who desire to learn the teachings of the Bible.  The two-year course uses Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, specifically designed for young people.  New classes begin in the fall and are open to all.  Following confirmation instruction, a long-standing tradition in the Lutheran church is a public examination of the confirmands, followed by the Rite of Confirmation in a Sunday morning worship service. This Rite gives the confirmands the opportunity to confess their faith and be welcomed into communicant membership of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.  It is a special event for all as it means that the confirmands have been thoroughly instructed in the truths of God’s precious Word.

  • Bible information class

    Trinity strives to hold Bible Information Class twice a year. It is held in the church basement and offers 15 one hour lessons on the basics of the Bible. Christians new to the faith, those curious about the Bible’s teachings, and long-standing members come to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere where any question of the Bible may be asked and the most important answers about life, death and eternity are discussed.


    The course name is Basic Bible Christianity: A Study in the Truths of the Christian Faith. The lesson topics follow below:

    1.      God’s Plan of Salvation

    2.      God Created a Beautiful Universe

    3.      Why Is the World So Crazy?

    4.      How Did Jesus Save the World?

    5.      The End Is Coming!

    6.      Why Do We Need the Bible?

    7.      God Works Through Holy Baptism

    8.      God Works Through Holy Communion

    9.      God Gathers His Church

    10.  A Conversation with God

    11.  Our Spiritual Heartbeat

    12.  Love the Lord Your God

    13.  Love Your Neighbor—Part 1

    14.  Love Your Neighbor—Part 2

    15.  Take Good Care


    Come once just to see what it is like, or come to all 15 lessons; there is no obligation to continue in the class or to join the church. Completion of the course, however, will prepare individuals for church membership if they so desire. Growing in your knowledge of the Bible is the very best thing you can do for yourself and your family. Our website contains dates and times these classes are held. If you would like a private class (i.e. just the pastor, you; or you and one or two others), please contact him at 541-344-9719.